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Drawing up a competent deal plan is possible only with honest answers to the questions described in chapter 21. Being cunning in front of yourself, you are likely to lead yourself to the wrong path. Overestimation of one's own financial capabilities often leads to bankruptcy

Be consistent and follow the recommended course of action. To analyze the documents for the acquired property, invite a lawyer with practical experience in this area.

Part 3. We sell real estate

Many buyers and inexperienced real estate agents mistakenly believe that all apartments advertised can be bought. However, this is misleading. Statistics show that more than half of the owners put up an object in advertising in order to get answers to three questions.

Question #1. Will they give me the stated price?

Often the owner is in love with his object. (Photo from Sergey Smirnov's photobank)

The owner wanted to buy another apartment, invest in a business, or meet his financial needs. He often talks like this:

"Well, if they give me 10,000,000 rubles for my apartment, then I'll probably sell it!"


"Our apartment certainly costs at least 8,000,000 rubles!"



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